How to install Dell V305 on Ubuntu

Most people must have known printing documents with Windows operating system. But do you know how to print with Linux. In this article, we will tell you how to install Dell V305 on Ubuntu. When it comes to printing with Linux, then you should think about Ubuntu or openSUSE. In terms of openSUSE, you can just plug into your USB printer and it can be automatically recognized, set up and installed. In terms of Ubuntu,

Step 1: the first thing you should do when installed a printer on Ubuntu is check to see if your printer is Ubuntu supported or not. Check this site for more details: . Most modern Brother Printers, HP Printers, Canon Printers are supported by Ubuntu.

Step 2: connect your Dell V305 to your computer. If the printer going to be added is network one, then you should make sure that you know the network address of the printer.

Step 3: choose a browser, open a browser window and type http://localhost:631 in the address bar. Then you will see the CUPS graphical interface in your browser.

Step 4: in the welcome screen, click on Add New Printer, type the name, location and description of your Dell V305 and then click Continue. Remember to treat the description part seriously especially there are tremendous printer to be added.

Step 5: from the device drop down menu, choose the correct driver and then choose the model of your Dell V305 from the drop down menu and click Add Printer.

Step 6: Fill in the administrator name and password to complete the printer installation, after which, go back to http://localhost:631 and click the Printer tab to ensure that your have finished the installation process successfully.

Or you can

Step 1: Connect your Dell V305 to your computer and switch on the printer.

Step 2: click on System Settings -> Printing -> Add and your printer will be automatically detected and the only thing you need to do is just following the instructions.

Step 3: select your printer and then choose the driver, we recommend you to choose the default one.

Step 4: set name, description and location for your Dell V305. Treat the three columns serious because they will help your identify your printer in the futures. Then, click Apply.

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