How to set online mode for your Okidata MC560DN

You got your printer installed and turn it on; you insert the paper into it and press print command. However, nothing happens. How frustrating it is! If you be ease and take a further look at your printer, you will find that it is in offline mode. How to turn it online? In this article we will tell you how to set online mode for your Okidata MC560DN. In fact, there are many reasons that will cause your Okidata MC560DN to go to offline mode, for example, you installed a new printer. However, the old one can sill be recognized. Or, some errors occurring during the printing process will cause your Okidata MC560DN go to offline mode.

Step 1: set your 444 to online mode with a computer. First, you should check and ensure that your printer is powered on, go to My Computer, then Control Panel. And you should click on the Printers and Faxes from the Control Panel, then you can see a list of printers that have been connected to your computer.

Step 2: delete all pending printing projects, through which the exact document can be printed later. To delete the pending printing job, you can just double click the printer you want to use and then there will display a list of pending printing jobs; click Cancel All Documents from the Printer Menu. Then, click the printer again and choose Use Printer Online. Print a test file to see if it works well. If not, reboot your computer.

If you use a Mac book, then you should set online mode through following procedures:

Step 1: first, you should check and make sure your Okidata MC560DN is powered on.

Step 2: click on the blue Apple icon on the left screen to open System Preferences. In the Hardware section, click on Printer&Fax to open a window in which you will see a list of printers connected to your Mac. Click the Okidata MC560DN which is the one you want to use and then click on the Open Print Queue button, then in the print queue window, click on the Resume Printer button. Print a test file to see if it is OK now. if not, reboot your Mac book

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