Canon released 2014Q2 earnings printer sales surge

In July 24, 2014, Canon group released the second quarter of 2014. Money newspaper shows, Canon group second quarterly net profit rose 21.6%, sales declined 4.1 percentage points; the first half of the overall net profit rose 19.6%, sales rose 0.6 percentage points, this year by the end of June 30th, the total turnover reached $17773000000. Despite the global economic recovery is still in the initial stage, the emerging economies Chinese also entered the growth stage of the relatively smooth, digital composite machine, laser printer, but with the core competitive advantage of rising sales overall turnover Lasheng group.
The second quarter of 2014, in the field of office products, sales amounted to $5173000000, a year-on-year increase of 0.5%, operating profit totaled $872000000, up 15.7%. The first half of the year, sales growth of 4.8%, reaching $10215000000 in sales, profit of $1590000000, growth of 17.8%. The growth in, with imageRUNNERADVANCEC5200 series drives the color digital composite machine products sales outstanding performance, at the same time, digital printing production to Oce ColorStream3000 series as the representative of the high speed, continuous paper printing system and wide format printers, sales volume to maintain steady growth. On the other hand, black and white laser printer products despite the weakness in sales, but the color laser machine sales are up more and more rapid growth.
Ink jet printer Canon by Japan’s consumption tax hike and other factors, sales year-on-year decline, but still continue to lead the market, steady growth in sales.
Is expected in the second half, the developed economies, USA economy will continue to firm, Japan and Germany and Britain as the center of European countries will be restored. The global economy is picking up slowly. Analysis pointed out that, Canon color digital compound machine and laser printer needs to be with the gradual recovery of the global economy and growing trend; inkjet printers will be presented with flat from a year ago. The market trend of the judgment based on Canon group, forecast full year sales grew 1.3%, to $37426000000.