Door Hanger Design Tips and Tricks

Door Hanger Design Tips and Tricks

You have definitely come across door hangers at one time or the other. For the uninitiated, they are those adverts that are left hanging on the front door of your home or office. Door hangers are one of the most cost-effective and effective direct marketing tools in the market. That is if you find the human resources to assist you in distributing them to target audiences. However, most businesses miss out on the possibility’s door hangers can create with pretty basic design blunders that are avoidable. Here are some Door Hanger Design Tips and Tricks you can use to get your message out there.

Hierarchy of Text

The headlines will be at the forefront of the action and generally have a significant impact on the response. Chances are that your prospective client will only glance at the door hanger, so you have to ensure they read your message within that short window. How do you do that? First of all, door hangers aren’t that big, meaning you won’t have enough room for text. To make the most out of your limited space, you’ll need to follow a clear hierarchy of text.

An excellent to grab the reader’s attention is by using big, bold headlines, then mid-sized text with a little more detailing and conclude with products and services you offer together with how it can benefit them. Contact information like your phone number should be relatively large for the reader to get a hold of your services easily.

Also, make sure that the font sizes in the hierarchy are different enough for users to make out the most critical information first. The differences in size add to contrast that allows people reading your door hanger copy to do it easily and quickly. Steer clear from colors blending into the background or fonts that are hard to read.

Include Imagery

Given the small size of door hangers, you will have to include powerful imagery that’s eye-catching to the reader from afar. Remember, you only have a couple of seconds to draw their eye, or you’ve lost them forever. People tend to be drawn to striking colors and brilliance. So include a photo that exudes the image of your business in a positive light to help you portray your message better. Having striking imagery in the door hanger increases the chances of a customer reading even before picking it up. It should make the text contrast and pop.

Call to Action

This may appear straightforward enough, but it’s the most important part. How will customers get a hold of you? And just like the headlines, ensure the door hanger design distinct the contact information of your business. A door hanger becomes useless if it doesn’t have a clear call to action that allows you to start making returns. Calls to action vary but mostly include getting people to send an email, call, visit a site, or take advantage of a sale or coupon. Even if the reader isn’t interested at the moment, you will have already exposed them to your contact info or website. So, when they need the service in the future, you’ll be the go-to guy. Ensure you include your info, or customers won’t know what to do with the information provided to them.

The best part about using door hangers is the fact that they can’t be ignored or avoided by apartment dwellers or homeowners. It provides sufficient time to elicit a response, whether good or bad. Either way, the reader will be exposed to the advertisement. Note that what really captures people’s attention is the design of the door hanger. Be sure to follow the aforementioned tips and tricks of door hanger designs for your next marketing campaign.

David Hunt

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