Samsung NFC mobile informatization Bottleneck Breakthrough Exhibition

With the popularization of intelligent mobile phone, tablet computer, intelligent terminal, the mobile Internet is changing people’s work and life. The exhibition industry is also rapidly and fusion in mobile Internet, from the exhibition management software, online registration system, to the development and application of mobile client APP “exhibition house” and so on, only need a mobile phone, you can easily Chi, customer data under control.
Mobile information for business process more convenient, but there also exist some problems: print output link, mobile degree obviously backward state, whether hardware or software deployment settings require technology based professional, become a gap exhibition mobile operation chain. Needless to say, mobile information can help the parties through electronic interaction platform to information faster, more accurate to find partners, heavy burden also let staff from field to carry large amounts of information, but the talks at the exhibition business, need to still inevitably leads to print a file.
Samsung NFC mobile printing solutions, the use of advanced NFC (near field communication) and direct Wi-Fi technology, eliminating the tedious setting, establish intelligent mobile terminals such as mobile phone and printing equipment seamless connection of the wireless network, break through the barriers and compatibility of office equipment in the field of data transmission, can meet the real-time collection exhibition parties information whenever and wherever possible, print on demand.
In 2013, Samsung is the world’s first NFC C460 printer series, show leadership in the high-end mobile printing field. In 2014, Samsung has released NFC printer products include color laser printer C1810 series, C410 series, M2021 series, M2836DW monochrome laser printer, which is different from other printers are the most remarkable characteristic is: only the intelligent mobile phone, tablet and other mobile devices, touch the Samsung NFC machines on the NFC icon, you can easily complete the connection and printing scan, fax, mobile device pictures, documents, e-mail and Webpage any content. The whole process is very simple and convenient, do not need to perform IT professional operation, for example, install the printer driver, software settings or server settings, can be very good to improve the user experience. At the same time, the Samsung NFC (near field communication) technology and Wi-Fi perfect fusion, greatly improved the data transmission speed of original NFC, even the large size image, large capacity file can also transfer in an instant